Ragtime Cyclist - November 2017

We’re talking creative designs, great colours, happy smiling cyclists.

When we eventually manage to find some downtime off the bike and away from the design tools, we love nothing more than an entertaining read about all things cycling.  So when Pete Linsley (self-confessed ‘lover of Italian things’) from the Ragtime Cyclist, a long-time favourite read of ours, contacted us asking if we wouldn’t mind some of our kit featuring in his Ragtime Reviews, we were chuffed to see what he had to say.  His engaging wit and authentic insights into the world of cycling keep us amused for hours, at a minimum you must check out his hilarious observations around Biking Behaviour!

Noting just a touch of jealousy from the wintry hemisphere of Northern England whilst we baked through another Australian summer, we think Pete was all the same equally chuffed in what he reviewed “My first impressions from testing the kit itself are good; it’s racy and well fitting, high quality, and leaps out from the crowd here in the UK. As someone who likes a piece of boutique kit, I’ve enjoyed riding in it.”

Click through to read more on Pete’s review of our jersey collection and bibestiques.

“All told, Find Your Freedom, from my view here from the opposite side of the world, give off all the vibes of a young, confident cycling brand. In briefly getting to know them I get a sense of people who love cycling, love their kit, and are loving putting it out there.”

Summed us up nicely Pete, cheers. 

Tune into Ragtime Cyclist for more bedtime reading about rags to racing and everything in between.

And yes Pete, we’re a hater of headwinds too!

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